Objectives and Aims

Food industry generates enormous amounts of waste water and consumes huge quantity of water. It is desired to decrease costs of water, its treatment and plant operation. Reuse of nutrients and organic matter is a great opportunity to achieve these goals. Post production residues can be successfully converted into “green energy” Using a vacuum pipe system wastes streams can be distinguished, that gives a possibility to use their potential in the most effective way. Conversion of wastes entails a few benefits, which make the company environmentally friendly:

BioSuck aims to create an Decision Support System(DSS), which will help to find out where vacuum system will be the most efficient and can be implemented. Furthermore, potential of reuse of wastes streams will be highlighted.

BioSuck will allow to save up to 50% of water


Reduction in water & energy consumption:

  • will save significant amounts of water
  • will reduce wastewater treatment costs
  • will get valuable side streams consisting of 1. nutrients and 2. bioenergy (biocoal, biogas, bioethanol)
  • will become more resource efficient und more independent from external supplie
  • will reduce its overall carbon footprint
  • will reduce its overall water footprint
  • will reduce its overall water footprint


  1. Decision Support System (DSS) Tool that forces a redesign of the food processing industry with regard to an optimized waste collectionsysten
  2. Concepts based on research results to highlight the potential for conversion of wastes into green energy.
  3. database/matrix about food waste accumulation scenarios
  4. database/matrix about food waste compositions